Born and raised in Merksem, Belgium.

I have studied Computer Science at the University of Antwerp, where I graduated in 2007. My Master's thesis, about sinusoidal modeling for audio analysis, was carried out under supervision of Wim D'haes, who now runs the successful spin-off company Mu Technologies

Afterwards, I went to pursue a Ph.D. at the Visionlab at the department of Physics at the same university. From 2009 on, I receive funding by the IWT, the Institute for promotion of Science and Technology. The goal is to integrate sinusoidal audio analysis methods with prior knowledge from sources like music scores, hoping to obtain better analyses and higher signal-to-noise ratios.

From september 2009 until june 2010, I will carry out a portion of this Ph.D. research at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics , or CCRMA, at the Music department of Stanford University . A unique opportunity, that I'll blog about on this website!