Max Tundra @ Bottom of the Hill

My housemate Keith invited me yesterday to go to a concert by Max Tundra, a British electronic music artist that he is a fan of. I had nothing better to do that evening and it's been some time since I went to a concert, so I joined him to Bottom of the Hill, one of the many legendary music venues in SF. It's in an old industrial part of the Potrero district. I had never heard of the guy before but he makes some very original music, and his live show was extremely energetic though the bar was not crowded and we seemed to be the only people to have come for him and not one of the other bands that evening.

It happens very rarely that I buy merchandise but this was one record that I needed to have. He seems to program a lot of his music on an ancient Amiga 500 computer, and has an incredibly versatile voice. But the most surprising was probably the various toy instruments that he picked up and played on, like xylophones, melodicas or the mouth-blown toy piano organ (see photo). He managed to mix these sounds into the electronics very subtly.

Something totally different that struck me: San Francisco has much warmer evenings than Palo Alto has. Apparently the blanket of fog that covers San Francisco at night keeps some warmth from disappearing after sunset.