Thanksgiving means turkey dinners, and I had two today - the first one was free and provided by the Graduate Student Council at Stanford, in a large tent outside the graduate community center. I shared the table with a nice Egyptian business student who had lived in Europe for a couple of years - which made for good conversation starter.

Directly after that I went off to San Francisco for dinner on Sasha's boat. Sasha is the lab maintainer at CCRMA and invited everyone who was far from home to have thanksgiving on her boat that was moored on Pier 39, right in the center of San Francisco. Some families from the neighbouring boat joined in the dinner which this time also featured a few bottles of whisky.

Since the party had started already very early we had some time to go out in the city for a few drinks and we ended up with 8 people in The Saloon, a blues music bar that had a crowd that was mostly in their sixties, but had great live music. For some reason they would not let one of us come back in after he went out for a phonecall, so we just left it and instead went to a nearby bar called Vesuvio, definitely an original place. Picture underneath was taken outside when I left - you come across that kind of gatherings around musicians on the streets pretty often in San Francisco, and it makes walking around the city at night an event in its own.

Thumbs up to Sasha for having us over for dinner and for a great night out!